Top 5 Plugin WordPress ChatGPT Best in 2023

Are you looking to implement AI technology into your WordPress site? Look no further than ! This chatbot, developed by OpenAI, uses GPT-3 technology to interact with users in a conversational manner.In this article, will take a closer look with you to discover some of the best WordPress Chatgpt plugin on the market.

1. AI Engine – The Swiss Army Knife Plugin

wordpress chatgpt plugin
AI Engine


AI Engine is one of the most versatile plugins available for WordPress. It packs a wide range of different AI tools into one plugin, earning it the nickname “the Swiss Army knife of AI.”

With AI Engine, you can create chatbots, automatically generate content, translate text, optimize images, and more. It aims to be an all-in-one solution for integrating OpenAI tools into WordPress.


Key features of AI Engine include:

  • Chatbots – Create conversational chatbots using ‘s natural language capabilities. Chatbots can be used for customer service, lead generation, and more.
  • Content generation – Use AI to generate blog posts, landing pages, emails, and other content. Simply provide a few prompts and AI Engine will output high-quality content.
  • Image optimization – Optimize images for web with automatic compression, cropping, and more. This can help pages load faster.
  • Translation – Translate content into other languages with just a click. Over 100 language combinations are supported.
  • SEO tools – AI-powered tools to generate meta descriptions, analyze content, and improve SEO.
  • Analyze tone – Check the tone of your writing and whether it matches your intent. Useful for customer service interactions.


  • Very versatile and packed with features
  • Easy to use even for beginners
  • Active development and updates


  • Can be pricey for small websites
  • Complex interface with many options


AI Engine is the most robust all-in-one solution for WordPress. The extensive features make it easy to leverage AI in various ways. It’s a great choice for larger websites that need a multitude of AI tools. The biggest downside is the higher price tag.

2. Assistant – Focused on Content Creation


If you’re looking for a WordPress ChatGPT plugin focused specifically on AI content creation, Assistant is a top choice. As the name suggests, it integrates into WordPress for the main purpose of generating written content.

Assistant gives you a simple AI content writer right within your WordPress dashboard. You can use it to create drafts or full pieces of content ready for publishing.


Key features of Assistant include:

  • Content ideas – Get AI-generated topic ideas for your next post or article.
  • Outlines – Turn a high-level idea into a structured outline ready for content creation.
  • Drafts – Create draft posts and pages powered by . The AI will generate all written content.
  • Full content – Use the AI to generate complete, polished posts ready for publishing.
  • SEO optimization – Automatically optimize generated content for SEO with keyphrases and meta descriptions.
  • Revision tool – Edit and tweak any AI-generated text before publishing.


  • Specialized for content creation
  • Easy to use content workflow
  • Great for blogger’s block when you’re stuck


  • More limited in scope than other plugins
  • Still requires human oversight for best results


For bloggers, marketers, and other content creators, Assistant is a game changer. With its streamlined content workflow, it makes it seamless to leverage AI writing on your WordPress site. The only downside is the narrower feature focus compared to other plugins.

3. AI Content Writing Assistant – Another Top Content Focused Choice

AI Content Writing Assistant


Like Assistant, AI Content Writing Assistant is a WordPress plugin built specifically for AI-powered content creation. As the name suggests, it acts as an AI-driven writer inside your WordPress dashboard.

You can use it to get ideas, outlines, drafts, and fully written content. The key difference from Assistant is the claims of higher quality output with the AI Content Writing Assistant.


Key features include:

  • Ideas generator – Get AI-generated ideas and angles for blog posts, articles, and other content.
  • Outline creator – Turn a high-level idea into a detailed outline.
  • Draft writer – Create draft copies for blog posts and other content.
  • Full article writer – Use AI to generate complete, polished articles ready for publishing.
  • Tone adjustment – Change the tone of AI-generated text to formal, casual, or academic styles.
  • Revision tools – Ability to tweak and edit any output before publishing.


  • Specialized for high-quality content
  • Advanced features like tone adjustment
  • Claims of better output quality than competitors


  • More resource heavy than other plugins
  • Relatively new to market (unknown long-term reliability)


AI Content Writing Assistant is a top choice for anyone who creates a lot of written content. With robust features optimized specifically for content creation, it can take your blogging to the next level. The focus on quality over versatility is both a pro and a con compared to other plugins. This is a great option for content-focused sites.

4. AI Chatbot – Conversational Bots for WordPress

AI Chatbot


While the previous plugins focus on content creation, AI Chatbot brings conversational bots to WordPress. With this plugin, you can create intelligent chatbots for your website to automate conversations.

AI Chatbot makes it easy for anyone to build and deploy chatbots on WordPress without needing to code. You can use these bots for customer service, lead generation, surveys, and more.


AI Chatbot includes these main features:

  • Chatbot builder – Visually build and customize chatbots with a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Pre-made templates – Start with pre-made chatbot templates for common uses like customer service.
  • Natural conversations – Chatbots leverage to have natural, human-like conversations.
  • Answers any question – Bots can respond to customers with detailed answers to virtually any question.
  • Integrations – Connect chatbots with popular services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


  • Easy chatbot builder for non-coders
  • Bots feel very natural and human-like
  • Helps automate customer service at scale


  • Chatbot training requires some effort
  • Limited analytics compared to standalone chatbot platforms


For any website looking to add conversational chatbots, AI Chatbot is a phenomenal plugin. Empowering anyone to build feature-rich, AI-powered chatbots on WordPress is game changing. It does require some training investment, but pays off exponentially in automation and customer service gains. This is a great choice for ecommerce sites, support sites, agencies, and more.

5. AI Mojo – Try Out Experiments on Your Site

AI Mojo


AI Mojo is a unique plugin focused less on functionality and more on experiments. It adds a ” playground” to your WordPress site where you and visitors can try out prompt experiments.

The key value of AI Mojo is letting you openly test and showcase ‘s capabilities. It’s perfect for tech blogs, AI thought leaders, or anyone wanting to demonstrate cutting-edge generative AI.


Key features of AI Mojo include:

  • Public playground – Adds a widget where anyone can try experiments.
  • Example prompts – Comes preloaded with fun example prompts to easily try.
  • Share results – Users can share their favorite AI-generated results.
  • Monitor usage – View usage stats to see which experiments are most popular.
  • Limitations – Set limits on length, response times, etc.


  • Allows fun, public experiments
  • Great for tech blogs and thought leaders
  • Engages visitors with visible AI
  • Easy prompt inspiration with examples


  • Very limited in actual functionality
  • Can hit OpenAI API quotas without monitoring


AI Mojo carves out a unique niche as a plugin focused on experiments and public demos. Instead of hiding ‘s work behind the scenes, it openly showcases what the AI can do right on your site. This delivers engagement and education around AI. Just be aware of potential drawbacks around limitations and API quotas. But for many, the pros outweigh the cons.


WordPress plugins unlock tremendous possibilities for integrating AI into your site. The five plugins covered in this article represent some of the top options in different categories:

AI Engine – Best overall Swiss army knife plugin with a huge range of AI tools.

Assistant -Specialized for content creation and SEO optimization.

AI Content Writing Assistant – Another great content-focused choice claiming higher quality output.

AI Chatbot – Easy chatbot builder for conversational AI bots.

AI Mojo – Showcases public experiments and demos.

Consider your unique needs and goals before choosing a plugin. All of the options reviewed above can provide immense value. Integrating into your WordPress site is easier than ever. The hardest part is just deciding which plugin to use!

Overview of WordPress ChatGPT Plugins

A WordPress plugin is a tool that enables you to utilize the GPT-3 technology on your website. By doing so, you can streamline your workflow and produce new content more efficiently. Whether you’re a content creator, blogger, or online store owner, using a plugin can help you generate ideas, create outlines, and even improve customer satisfaction.

What is WordPress ChatGPT Plugin?

WordPress plugins are software tools that integrate ’s GPT-3 technology into your website. These plugins allow you to interact with users in a conversational way and create content more efficiently. They’re ideal for content creators, bloggers, and online store owners who want to improve their workflow and save time.

How to Use WordPress ChatGPT Plugin?

To use WordPress plugins, you’ll need to install them on your website. Once installed, you’ll need to configure the settings according to your requirements. Depending on the plugin, you may need to enter an API key or select between different services, such as AiomaticAPI or OpenAI. Then, you can start using the plugin to generate content, create outlines, and even answer queries in real-time.

Pros and Cons of Using WordPress ChatGPT Plugin

Using WordPress plugins has several advantages, such as improving your workflow, saving time, and generating human-like content. However, there are also some potential drawbacks to using these plugins, such as the cost and the lack of customization options. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if a WordPress plugin is right for you.

3 FAQs About WordPress ChatGPT Plugin

Is technology easy to implement on my WordPress site?

  • Yes, installing a WordPress ChatGPT plugin is straightforward and easy. Most plugins come with detailed instructions that guide you through the process.

Can I use WordPress ChatGPt plugins for customer support?

  • Yes, some WordPress ChatGPT plugins offer AI-powered chatbots that can help you answer queries and resolve issues in real-time. This can improve customer satisfaction and save you time.

Are WordPress ChatGPT plugins affordable?

  • The cost of WordPress ChatGPT plugins varies depending on the plugin and the features offered. Some plugins may be more expensive than others, so it’s important to compare different options before making a decision.

WordPress ChatGPT plugins are an excellent option for those looking to implement AI technology on their websites. They can help you generate content, answer queries in real-time, and improve customer satisfaction. By using one of the top five plugins mentioned above, you can take advantage of GPT-3 technology and streamline your workflow. So why wait? Give one of these plugins a try today and see the difference it makes to your website!

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